Welcome to Live the Chinese Language Challenge

Welcome to Live the Chinese Language Challenge!

This Free 5-day Challenge provides you with resources and support to teach Chinese. Start living the Chinese language today! On one side, a change in your daily routine can be stressful. On the other side, not providing your child a good education can lead to feeling guilty. I have been there and I understand. We are in this together, let's help and support each other. 

Current circumstances are difficult but let's change this into a positive and cheerful. While stuck at home, let's use this opportunity to immerse our family in the Chinese language.

It’s a perfect time for it. The world is a busy place and we rarely have time like this with our children.

Now is the time! They are home all the time, waiting for us to teach them.

That's why I’m thrilled about this five-day challenge.

This Free Challenge will help you integrate Chinese in these 5 ways:

  • Save time through effective Chinese learning methods
  • Provide fun and practical activities 
  • Form good Chinese learning habits and routines
  • Help sustain Chinese knowledge through hands-on, physical, and social daily life experiences
  • Involve the whole family

You are going to receive 5 videos and resources to power up your mindset for 5 days. Get the support you need to make the change.

Our Facebook community is a place to ask questions, get feedback, and share experiences. While waiting for the challenge to begin, make sure to watch the very first video above. I explain why living the Chinese language is the best and most efficient to learn Chinese. Don’t forget to print out your checklist and supply list, so you will be ready for the challenge.

Share your thoughts, goals, struggles, and hopes for this challenge in our Facebook community.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.


Po Tim

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