Our focus is providing resources to help educators effectively teach Chinese at home. We focus on integrating Chinese naturally into daily life in a way that keeps educators motivated and children interested. Our goal is to get kids to learn independently and be self-driven through cultural experiences and individual interests.

"Po Tim King has taken a difficult task and broken it down into easy can-do steps, to make learning Chinese at home a doable endeavor. Since my child is a little older, I had her watch a few videos with me, and together we were able to choose activities that we would enjoy and that would enhance our exposure and learning experience. Having her help was a big win, as our "Mandarin Morning" had slowed down, and not as fun. Even though we are bilingual in another language, I'm glad to have taken this course as I picked up some valuable tips that really helped us make Chinese as a language and culture relevant in our lives."

- Tam, a Language Teacher & Homeschooling Mom of 2